Mia Joggers - Trackies but not Trackies

Posted on August 30 2017

We have lots of customers come in to the store and wander around looking a little lost. They pick up items, put them down, and to be honest, look a little perplexed.

'Let me know if you need a hand!' I sing out, and they smile back. 'Just browsing' they say.

Again, they set off on their lap of the store. Slowly accumulating pieces that they have screenshotted from Insta or Facebook.

I offer to hang their items in the change room. That's when the most common words at TSID are uttered...

'I just want to be comfortable'.

'I want something I can throw on, wear to the school run, and take me through the day, no matter what I have to do. I live in my trackies but I feel frumpy and daggy'.

That's when I smile knowingly. Give them a conspiratorial smile and nod. We hear you. We feel you. And that's why you need to try these.

Our Mia Joggers.

I'm not gunna sh*t talk you - they are trackies. But they aren't your run of the mill average trackies.

They aren't your paint splattered, Easy Off Bam bleached, worn since your last caesarean trackies, these are COOL.

I don't know why they are called Joggers. Probably because you COULD jog in them? But don't let the name put you off. If the name for you conjures up images of Active Wear - they aren't. Well they could be, but they are not JUST that. They are able to be styled in SO many different ways, and I'm gunna show you how.

  • If you need to chase your kid down the Main Street - coffee in one hand, shopping in the other - these are for you.
  • Like to work out but feel hideous in leggings? Jog in your Joggers!
  • Add a denim jacket, striped Manhatten tee and white Cons for a full on, 'I've got my shit together look'.
  • Laying on the couch, your Mia's tucked into your uggs, wrapped in your favourite blankie, watching Netflix and eating triple butter explosion microwave popcorn. The elastic waistband can make this happen!

The possibilities are endless really. Especially with the colours we can give you. Black, Black and White stripes, White and Black stripes, Grey, Grey and White Stripes, Navy and White Stripes and our current favourite, our newly released Navy.

You may have seen similar Joggers around the web. We've done some minor modifications and really made Mia our own, unique, supremely comfortable Joggers/trackies/legal pj's.

Grab your Mia joggers today. You won't regret it.



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