GIRLS NIGHT! - it's just not worth it...

Posted on October 02 2016

It was my birthday on Friday. I had a great day with my family, a beautiful breakfast, flowers, presents, a sleep in. I loved it.

Friday night, I went out with 4 of my girlfriends. To the local hang out, the Must Bar. We were all quite excited to be going out. It doesn't happen very often at all, so it was kind of a big deal. We even discussed outfits, like it mattered. We were going OUT!

We started our evening with a drink, polite chit chat, and a delicious meal of tapas. We ate, talked, drank a little more and relaxed more and more by the minute. Exclamations of 'this is SO nice' and 'we HAVE to do this more often' were flying around the table.

We remained quite sedate for some time. There may have even been a little yawn or 2. One of my GFs ordered a pot of tea. We were full and sleepy from our meal. But we knew. We KNEW. We were out. We had to get past 9.30.

Somehow we pushed on, and kept ordering drinks. We got a little louder, a little more raucous. Our conversations turned a little more racy. That cup of tea turned into a Malibu and Coke and before I knew it, it was ON.

We left our seats, and between ciggies, laughs and Canadian Club, we were ready. We needed tunes! TUNES!! We needed R&B cos we are old as F*ck and it makes us feel young.

We plugged in our phones and danced. Laughing, drinking, partying like it was 1999.

Then that little feeling started to creep in. The premise of tomorrow, the realisation that we all have children at home. Sam had to work, and even though we encouraged her to just pull an all nighter and just crawl over the road to work the next day, we knew. We KNEW. It was time.

Our last drinks were tinged with the taste of youth and regret. We drank them sadly, but with resignation. Our night had come to an end and we had to go home.

We somehow managed to get an Uber home. I walked in the door, fumbling my keys. I collapsed in my couch, removed the shoes that seemed quite flat when I left, but now felt like 14 inch stilettos.

I skulled 3 big glasses of water, knowing that I would never pee them out and passed out in my bed.

I slept like a hibernating bear.

I woke the next day feeling surprisingly good. Until I got out of bed. I looked into the mirror, winced and sighed. My face still bore last nights make up - one half perfect, the other half smudged from eyebrow to chin.

I ventured out to an immaculate house, my husband had been very busy and I was very grateful.

Waves of nausea and a thudding headache set in, but I didn't have time for that. Oh no, I had to get to Woolies (of course) and make salads and dips before Grand a Final Day at my brothers house.

Gone are the days where you would drink and dance all night, grab a dirty kebab on the way home and fall asleep where you fell, with one shoe on.

Gone are the days where you would wake up at noon, smash down a can of V and head out to Maccas for a large Big Mac Meal and 48 nuggets.

Gone are the days where you would get home from Maccas and head straight for the couch, where you would alternate movies with sleep.

They are gone because KIDS. Kids. I have kids. They need me. I have to care for them. Tend to them. Feed them.

Their voices penetrated my skull like knives. Their touch felt like lead. Their cheese and bacon ball breath had me gagging.

I got through yesterday ok. I even managed to have a couple of drinks. But with each sip, my conscience screamed 'WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING! PUT DOWN THE CIDER!'

It made me realise there are so many other things that I no longer look forward to now that I have kids. Drinking is just one of them

Friday night was awesome. I loved every minute. Saturday? Not so much.

Tell me what has been ruined for you now you are a parent/working adult. I'd love to hear/commiserate.

Claire X


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