Girlfriends - the importance of having a girl squad

Posted on August 07 2016

I have been really lucky in my life. I have met some amazing people that I am hash tag blessed to call my girlfriends.

I love people. I love laughing, I love joking, I love in-depth intriguing conversations. I love talking sh*t with my buddies about everything and anything. I don't really know what I would do without them.

I'm a firm believer in having a variety of girlfriends. By variety I mean type. I have different types of friends and they come in handy for all different occasions.

There's your Casual Friends. The ones that you can have a nice chat with. You use your manners. You don't swear as much as you might normally. You smile, listen attentively, never interrupt and are genuinely (although somewhat superficially) interested in their goings on.

There's your Party Friends. The ones where if you feel like letting loose and getting on the p*ss, you'll call them up and you'll know you are going to have a boozy, roaring, mental night. The one where you wake up and go WHAT THE F*CK happened. These friends aren't the type to hear or care about your woes. You begin to tell them about your latest drama and their eyes glaze, you don't have their attention, the bartender does.

There's your Medical Knowledge friends. You have an ailment, ache or questionable itch, they are your go to gal. They know the names and numbers of the best specialist/psychiatrist/clinic off the top of their head. They are your 'Google doctor' friend. They are reassuring, sometimes alarming and often leave you feeling healthier as their own ailments are worse than yours.

Next we have your Honest Friend. The one you need to speak to get the real low down on the new dress you bought. This friend will tell you if you look like a busted Frankfurt. She will tell you if she likes your hair, she will tell you if she hates it. She will say, 'jeez, did you forget to put on deodorant today?' Or 'girlfriend, your eyebrows are indecent'. She's blunt, she's bordering on rude, but she's the friend you want by your side if you have a rogue booger teetering on the edge your nostril.

Let's not forget Casserole Friend. You get sick, she makes you a casserole. Kids are sick - casserole. Fight with hubby, casserole. When your life is going to shit and the thought of cooking makes you rock in the corner - never fear. Casserole friend is near.

Gossip Girl - this chick knows EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. If you want to know the ins and outs of a duck's arse, you call her, text her, call in on her. She'll sit you down, say 'now don't tell anyone I told you, but...'.

Now we have Tell You What You Want To Hear friend. Even if you suspect that yes, you do look like a busted Frankfurt in your new dress, but you have no opportunity to get another one and you need to wear it - call this chick. She'll tell you 'aww hunni, you look Ah-mazing'. She'll gush over you, point out all your best features, pat your arm, and gaze at you as if you are in fact the most gorgeous thing she's ever set eyes on. She knows she's lying, you know she's lying, but it doesn't matter. She's in your corner.

The Too Much Information friend. The gal will gross you out sometimes. She's the one that will let you know that the boil on her ass is KILLING her. She'll chat to you on the phone while taking a dump. Nothing is sacred with this one. She'll expect detailed information in return, so you need to be prepared to open up. Once you share the details of your own horrific birth story/haemorrhoid/diarrhoea - you'll have her for life - even if you can never fully look her in the eye again.

I think it's important to have different friends for different things. We can't expect one friend to have it all. I know I can't be someone's everything. You need to share the love. Don't dismiss someone because they can't attend to your every friendship need. Accept what they CAN give you and appreciate it.

I have many variations of these types of girlfriends, but I also have some (especially one - I'm looking at you Rachel - except the casserole bit) that are all of the above, all rolled into one glorious, hilarious, crazy, loyal queen. I love them all, individually and en masse. I appreciate what they give me emotionally, I look forward to seeing them, hearing their stuff and sharing my life wth them.

Friendship makes the world go round. Spread it far and wide.

What other types of friends do you have? I'd love to hear!

Claire X


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  • Stephanie: August 09, 2016

    Hilarious post Claire, love how brutally honest you are. I can imagine you’d be one hell of a girlfriend to have by ones side!

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