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Posted on March 07 2016

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first blog post, ever. Like literally ever! I've never done this before and honestly when Sam rang me asking me to be the TSID blogger, I was so excited, honoured and pumped. Then the terror set in. Can I do this? Can I write for a purpose? Who even am I? Will anyone care? It's hard to put yourself out there. To publicly share your very own thoughts and words on a public platform. But you know what? I'm gunna give it a go! I love people. I love funny stuff. I love sad stuff. I love fashion. I love thought invoking, conversation starting, healthy discussion. I'm a total Libran, so I quite often can see two sides to every story (to the point of frustration) but I think in this day and age of social media saturation, it's important to be balanced, respectful and open.

I love clothes. Love them. The right clothes can change your mood and make your day. Those that know me however, know that I have 3 styles. Homeless Hobo Gypsy (think faded trackies, oversize sloppy tee and thongs) , Teenage Boy straight from the skate park (think skinny jeans, hoodie and Cons) or respectable 35+ woman/mum rocking outfits from TSID. (I can also sometimes wear the look 'I'm too old to be wearing these shorts but I'll wear them anyway' but that's a whole other blog post).

Sam and I have been friends for 6 years. We have shared all the highlights of those past 6 years together with a bazillion laughs, coffee and cigarettes. This is the start of a new chapter, an all encompassing, women inspiring, trip that I am so excited to be a part of.

Claire x


  • Luke McCredden: April 04, 2016

    “Who even am I? Will anyone care? It’s hard to put yourself out there. To publicly share your very own thoughts and words on a public platform.”

    It’s a very true mindset and I can relate! I look forward to reading more Claire! You have a knack for this.

  • Kerry Harris: April 03, 2016

    The Blogmiester!, but didn’t know you were a librarian, but then you should have been as you’ve always loved books and words!!! …Oh…a Libran! lol!!! xxx

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